Over the years, TTE Filters has used its experience and knowledge to supply customers with a comprehensive catalog that is easy to use and filled with valuable information. This page will provide you with a general understanding of LC Filters and some of their applications. This should also help when you have a need for special or custom filter designs.


An LC Filter may be defined as a passive device consisting of capacitors and inductors in a particular array such that a group of specified frequencies pass with very little attenuation while the undesired frequencies are attenuated.

The four most common types of LC Filters (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch) are described in the following illustrations.

The ideal filter would be a device that exhibits no attenuation in the passband and infinite attenuation to all other frequencies. However, a filter with these characteristics cannot be manufactured. TTE Filters uses state-of-the-art compuer aided design and filter modeling to produce the highest quality LC Filters available.

The amplitude response of a filter from its passband to its reject band is defined by its shape factor.