In-House and Uniquely Capable

TTE offers an in-house environmental testing lab with unmatched capabilities. This lets us establish the consistent performance characteristics required to meet the most demanding designs. Our environmental technical services are also available on a contracted basis.

Environmental Test Lab Capabilities

DLA Land and Maritime Approved*

Solderability via Steam Aging Chamber – MIL-STD-202-208

      • Up to 99 Hours of Continuous Testing

Force Gauge

      • Maximum Force: 50N
      • Bond Strength

Life Test Chamber – MIL-STD-202-108

      • Maximum Operating Temperature 260°C
      • Cyclic Load Profile

LabVIEW Monitoring Software

      • Provides Data Collection from Test Chambers

* in support of internal product qualifications

Voltech AT3600 Transformer Testing

      • Maximum Test Frequency: 1MHz
      • Maximum Test Current: 25A
      • Maximum Test Voltage: 3kV
      • Fast Testing of Complicated Transformers

High Power AC Testing

      • Frequency Range: 0.10Hz to 2MHz
      • Maximum Voltage: 400Vp-p
      • Maximum Current: 7570mA
      • Pulse, Ramp, Sine, Square & Triangle Waves

Nitron XL2 XRF Analyzer

      • Metal Alloy verification
      • Non-destructive element analysis
      • Tramp & Trace element analysis

Magnetoscop® 1.069

      • Assures magnetic-free designs
      • Measure magnetic flux density, absolute or gradient