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JLow PassTTE DesignDownload
LC9SLow PassDownload
LGLow PassGaussianDownload
LELow PassElliptical FunctionDownload
SELow PassElliptical FunctionDownload
LCWLow PassChebyshevDownload
LCLow PassChebyshevDownload
LBLow PassButterworthDownload
LTLow PassBesselDownload
HHigh PassTTE DesignDownload
HEHigh PassElliptical FunctionDownload
HCHigh PassChebyshevDownload
HBHigh PassButterworthDownload
BTSBias TeeDownload
BTHFBias TeeDownload
BTHCBias TeeDownload
KGBand PassGaussianDownload
QBand PassElliptical FunctionDownload
315PBand PassComblineDownload
30Band PassComblineDownload
KCBand PassChebyshevDownload
KBBand PassButterworthDownload
KTBand PassBesselDownload
LC17Low PassChebyshevDownload
HC17High PassChebyshevDownload

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