TTE Filters has developed a broad range of RF and microwave capabilities over the course of its over 60 year history. Please refer to the table below for an overview of the company’s design capabilities and typical frequencies; it is provided as a general guide. Please contact TTE for assistance with your application even if it is not addressed in the table; it is highly likely the company has expertise to meet your needs. Descriptions of each filter type are provided below the table.

Additional Capabilities:

      • Professional Design & Engineering Support – decades of filter expertise help TTE to deliver effective designs and efficient solutions for filter applications around the world.
      • Comprehensive Environmental Testing Lab – thermal shock, life and other testing performed in-house gives TTE control over testing and timing, helping customers meet project deadlines.
      • Outstanding Customer Service – Speed Quotes, rapid turnaround, inventory management and other tools enable TTE to be highly responsive to customer requests.

The majority of the company’s products are custom made and built to order. Most products are delivered within 2 weeks; expedited lead times of 3-5 days are available on some products. All of TTE’s products are made in the USA and include a limited warranty.

TTE Filters - Design Capabilities & Typical Frequencies

Bessel500 Hz – 200 MHz  100 Hz – 200 MHz
Butterworth500 Hz – 1 GHz1 kHz – 20 MHz100 Hz – 500 MHz100 Hz – 2 GHz
Chebyshev500 Hz – 1 GHz1 kHz – 200 MHz100 Hz – 1 GHz100 Hz – 4 GHz*
Elliptical Function1 kHz – 20 MHz1 kHz – 20 MHz1 kHz – 200 MHz100 Hz – 200 MHz
Gaussian500 Hz – 200 MHz  100 Hz – 200 MHz
Combline400 MHz – 26 GHz   
*Other designs and frequencies are feasible; please contact TTE for assistance with your requirements
** High Power version is also available with power handling up to 300 Watts and frequency range from 600 kHz to 600 MHz