TTE, Inc., RF and Microwave Filter Supplier Specialist Since 1956

TTE, Inc.: RF and Microwave Filter Specialists

Established in 1956, TTE, Inc. continues its pioneering leadership role in the design, development and manufacture of RF and microwave filters. A unique interaction between design and quality control engineers enable us to continuously provide the high reliability necessary in this ever-changing area of high technology.

In 1956, TTE, Inc. manufactured LC Filters in the frequency range of 5Hz to 100kHz. As our company expanded, so has our product line. Today, our RF and microwave filters are available for any frequency from 0.1HZ TO 26GHZ. Also available are matching, isolation, and balun transformers.

TTE, Inc. supplies RF and microwave filters to a wide range of critical markets including communications, aerospace, radar, sonar, wireless, data acquisition, telemetry, ISM & RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GPS L1, GPS L2, GSM, PCS, UMTS, and many more.

Our RF and microwave filters available include Bandpass, Band Rejection, Highpass, Lowpass (including Cavity filters), and High Power Low pass as well as differential filters. We also supply diplexers and multiplexers, balun transformers and isolation transformers.

TTE, Inc. is a leader in customer service, too. Ever-aware of your critical need for fast dependable shipments, we maintain a large inventory of standard materials which affords us the ability to deliver most products within 3-5 days!

For assistance please call 310.478.8224 or email us at .

All our RF and microwave filters are Made in the USA. 3-5 day shipping is standard for most frequencies.

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Specifications and Prices:
TTE, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue any item or product without notice and to change any specifications at anytime without incurring any liability or obligation to produce such discontinued items.